Friday, October 17, 2014

The Best Way to Grill Corn on the Cob

 Lovey and I ate a ton of roasted corn this summer.

Home from the market I clean the ears up a bit.  I cut off any nasty, slimy silk that is hanging out the top.

 Then I trim all of the dark green, stiff things that are on the end of the outer husks

There now, they look nice and neat.  Also the husks are still snugly attached around the cob.
 I don't like opening up all the husks, pull out the silk, then close the husks back around the cob and secure them with a tie of some sort.  It's so hard wrestling to get all of the silk off.

Nope, I just leave the silk in there. It will come out flawlessly when you are ready to eat.

 Soak them for at least 30 minutes in cold water before putting on the grill.  Throw a handfull of salt in the water if you like.  We don't do that but if you are not worried about sodium content go for it.  Wrap them up in a towel and take them out to the grill.  You might want to turn them upside down to drain any water.

I heat the right side of our grill on medium for about 15 minutes before I lay the corn on the grill.  Turn every so often and when their husks are nicely marked and nave a nice brown coloring they will be done (about 15 minutes)

 Using a T-towel (the corn will be very hot) pull away the husks and you won't believe how the silk comes right off and out from in between the kernels.  No using a brush or fingernails here.  Place the cob on a platter and begin to doctor them up the way you like them.  

We like to have butter, flavored butter and a little Parmesan on hand along with salt and pepper.
Crunch, crunch!  Such a great way to eat corn!

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