Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Summary

I've been busy and lax about posting since October.  Thanksgiving dinner this year was a small yet nice gathering of family.  We had the regular dishes that grace our Thanksgiving table but I did play around with a couple of things.

We tried an organic heirloom turkey this year.  It had the prettiest complexion!

I tried a new seasoning/cooking method from my norm.  Lynne Rossetto Kasper of The Splendid Table posted a rub that sounded interesting so I tried it.  Yes, it looks like someone got sick all over my turkey.  At Lynne's suggestion, I tried it breast side down for the first portion of roasting.

The results were fine and the seasoning made for a very interesting gravy (translated: it was really good but Lovey likes the old fashioned regular gravy I make better).



Made some pastry cut-outs to decorate the crust of the pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie recipe is straight off the Libby's label.  I go back to it every time.  Can't beat the good old recipe.

I strayed from the normal pecan pie and made a bourbon pecan pie (post to follow).

Rounded off the dinner with mashed potatoes, dressing and green beans.  Christanne  brought a great sweet potato dish.  I will say that sweet potatoes combined with goat cheese and pistachios make for a very tasty side dish (will see if I can get her to post the recipe).  I believe it was her dad's favorite way he's had sweet potatoes.

Although the food seems to edge it's way to the forefront of Thanksgiving, it's really about who you spend it with isn't it?  I was blessed this year to be able to spend time with daughters, grand kids and in-laws.  There was still al ot of family I didn't get to spend time with but they were in my heart just the same.