Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Cooking Tips-Removing Kernels From an Ear of Corn

Last week I made Lovey a Bison Shepherd's Pie.   I won't post the recipe here today but you can get it here over at Tasty Kitchen.  I'll work on getting my TK recipes copied to this site sometime in the future.

As I was getting all of my ingredients together and prepped, I thought I'd show you how I get the kernels of corn off the cob (I actually typed 'cornels of kern'  - I don't know why I do things like that.  I've also been known to say 'Liquid Lumberdators' instead of Lumber Liquidators).


My dad called me one day and told me about this clever way to perform this little task so the kernels didn't fly across the room as they were sheared off the cob. 

All you need is a Bundt pan, or other tube pan.  This one is actually a smaller version of the regular size.  Hold your shucked corn cob into the center hole and start slicing from top to bottom.  The kernels fall right into the pan.

Now Lovey can eat his Shepherd's Pie with the peace of mind that half the kernels weren't on the floor first.

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  1. What a great idea! I have that same small bundt pan and will definitely give this a try when it is corn season around here :)