Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lemony Chicken and Gravy Sandwich

I had roast chicken leftovers from last week.  I hate wasting anything.  I even saved the pan juices from the chicken since I didn't make gravy.  I got home from work the other night, tired & not too hungry.  Lovey was eating leftovers so I decided to make me a sandwich.

I grabbed the chicken and some leftover rosemary olive oil bread then started looking in the vegetable bin for things to add.  I found half an avocado that was, miraculously, still green and one piece of provolone.

I also eyed the little jar filled with the yummy pan juices from the chicken.  What made it even sweeter was any fat had solidified so I scraped it off and was left with a very nice broth.  I roasted the chicken with several Moroccan preserved lemons so the drippings boasted a heady lemony flavor.

I decided I would make the sandwich an open - faced one just so I could use this broth.

I cut a slice of the rosemary bread in half & toasted it.  Layered a generous amount of chicken thigh meat and avocado slices on each half and topped them off with the provolone.

Using a little bit of corn starch and the broth I made a gravy that was just thick enough to lazily run down the sides of the sandwich.  The heat of the gravy softened the cheese to perfection.

These were so delicious and light yet filling.  I could have stopped with one half; but I didn't; so I felt like a stuffed pup.  A little like this

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